We work closely with the following organizations:

Canadian Western Trust (CWT)
CWT is the custodian and trustee for all BenFlex group savings plans. Consequently, we have negotiated a low fee structure for our clients. CWT manages the investments for our clients and we also work with several local investment firms, such as Phillips Hager & North and Leith Wheeler, who have provided us with a competitive management expense fee.

We have "bundled" our services with CWT’s, to provide a single administration package, in order to compete against the insurance carriers for administering benefit plans on a comparable fee basis.

Canadian Western Bank (CWB)
CWB offers banking services for our BenFlex administered savings plans. For example, for our largest client (a savings plan with more than 5,000 members) CWB transfers funds out of the plan account to individual member bank accounts. CWB also clears cheques that we issue to plan members.

D.A. Townley & Associates Ltd. (DAT)
DAT provides employee benefit administration services, mainly to unionized groups. BenFlex helps support the company’s pension administration practice and provides financial services for individual DAT pension plan members following their termination or retirement. For a low management fee, we can offer a group arrangement at a lower fee than an individual could obtain on their own. 

We work closely with a licensed broker, Craig Drake-Johnson, who meets with former DAT pension plan members, and helps them with the purchase of annuities or investment in the BenFlex group savings plan following a detailed analysis of their personal situation.