Our fee structure* is as follows:

  • For project work, we can provide a fixed fee in advance or charge an hourly rate.  Our hourly rates range from $100 an hour to $300 per hour.

  • For pension plan administration, we typically charge a monthly, fixed fee based on the membership and complexity of the plan. We can adjust this over time to reflect the impact of inflation.

  • For savings plan administration, we typically charge a fee based on the amount of assets in the savings plan (usually at 1 percent per year) or we can charge a fixed fee, plus a per-member charge.

  • For Individual Pension Plans (IPPs), we charge an annual fee depending on the number of members in the IPP, starting at $1,000 per year and reducing as the members retire and receive a pension.

  • For Marriage Breakdowns, our fees are fixed and can be viewed here. (pdf).

*To maintain our independence, we accept no commissions, or any other remuneration, from any entity other than our clients.